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Looking for flexible study options and a lot of friendly support as a student and a graduate? Laurus College is the school for you

We're All About Supporting You in Your Growth

At Laurus College, we provide every student with a friendly and supportive learning environment that includes smaller class sizes and real-time assistance from caring staff and instructors.

Our emphasis on career opportunities in all of our program offerings helps open up avenues of opportunity that previously may have gone unrealized. All of the programs that Laurus College offers are available online. Laurus also operates several in-residence locations where students have access to residential services in the way of in-person academic advising, tutoring, student services, career advising, graduate placement assistance, and community outreach: Atascadero, Chula Vista, Las Vegas, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria.

Our Mission

The mission of Laurus College is to serve as a quality institution of higher education dedicated to creating a quality experience for all of its students by combining career-focused programs and the necessary fundamentals of interactive and online learning to supply the tools needed to succeed in the 21st century. The Laurus College experience enables our students to start their careers and to lay the foundation for further education that will augment their careers.


  • Provide a quality education within a well-planned, relevant, and concise curriculum to give students success in their chosen field.
  • Educate students with relevant technology, equipment, and tools used in the program area.
  • To give students an educational basis that they may use for further educational endeavors
  • Provide and develop personal growth and life skills through participation in all classes, cultural enrichment opportunities, and/or guest lectures.
  • Provide a skilled and experienced educational faculty and staff devoted to the personal and professional skill development of each student.
  • Provide student services to assist students in obtaining the needed skills and employment assistance in their selected career field.

Laurus = Success!

  • Laurus Experience wheel showing 10 items that Laurus delivers

Laurus is derived from a Latin word meaning “success.” We at Laurus College strive to make our learning environment a place where caring and excellence thrive. The name of our college signifies our commitment to our goal of success for students and serves as a reminder of our most important mission, a quality education and a quality experience.

The Laurus Experience

The Laurus experience is our commitment to a quality education and a quality experience for every student. The quality education rests on the dedication, experience and caring of our staff and faculty, and requires the serious pursuit of career goals by the student. The quality experience centers on our passion for excellent customer service.

The programs at Laurus College prepare students for a career. Students at Laurus College gain an understanding of how their field of study operates. Students study current and emerging markets and the impact those markets have on the industry today and in the future. Laurus College prepares students for a career and for the world.

Instructional Delivery Model

Laurus College offers a fully integrated virtual learning environment, giving students the opportunity for live, real-time interaction, as well as the ability to review archived sessions. Students at Laurus College learn in virtual classrooms using industry standard software and equipment in their programs. Whether a student chooses to attend their class from one of Laurus College’s in-residence locations or remotely, all students receive the same live instruction and interactive learning experience.

The class lecture delivery uses synchronous instruction, allowing the teacher to see and interact in real-time with students across all of Laurus’ in-residence locations and online at the same time via computer webcams. Students are able to not only see and communicate with their instructors but can also see and interact with each other.

Distance Education

All courses are delivered over the internet (i.e., distance education) through a synchronous e-learning platform using a Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) learning management system (LMS). In addition to Moodle, courses use Adobe Connect, which supports the virtual classroom through synchronous live classroom lectures and labs. Adobe Connect allows for real-time communication between an instructor and a class of students, among students, and between an instructor and an individual student. Features of Adobe Connect include recording of live classroom sessions and online group work by allowing the students in a live session to work in smaller breakout rooms. Instructors can also monitor online lab activities and provide real-time constructive feedback.

In-Residence Locations

Laurus College operates several in-residence locations which feature instructor workstations, administrative offices, computer labs, and student lounge areas. All in-residence locations operated by Laurus College are modern, well lit, air-conditioned, clean, and safe.

Computer workstations located at each in-residence facility are internet connected and equipped with all software and peripherals students will need to login to their scheduled class and access the virtual classroom. Students may also bring their school-issued laptops onsite and use the College’s high-speed internet connection.

While onsite, students have access to residential services in the way of in-person academic advising, tutoring, student services, career advising, graduate placement assistance, and community outreach activities. Students also have access to printers and copy machines at each location.

The college also provides an 1,800 square foot conference center for research and study on a separate site near the College’s in-residence location and administrative offices in Santa Maria, California.

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