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Embarking on my transformative journey at Laurus College, I once found myself toiling at a powder coating shop for four long years. However, fate dealt me a challenging hand as I began facing serious health issues with my lung collapsing not once, but thrice within just three months. Determined to conquer this adversity, I underwent surgery to ensure a future free from such trials. During my recovery, I delved into the realm of possibilities for a new career path that would grant me the comfort of working from home and shield me from unforeseen circumstances like a pandemic.

In my search for inspiration I stumbled upon a list of ‘High-paying Home-based Careers,’ and there, shining like a beacon of hope, was ‘web developer.’ The very idea intrigued me, and I knew I had found the key to unlocking a brighter future. Without hesitation, I reached out to a recruiter at Laurus College and received the news I had eagerly awaited—I was accepted, and a new chapter of my life was about to unfold.


A painting of a journey

I won’t deny that the journey was arduous; balancing a full-time job, tending to my family, staying committed to my fitness, and excelling in my coursework demanded unwavering dedication. Many nights, I battled fatigue, but my determination remained unwavering. Sacrifices were made; I missed cherished family gatherings to complete homework and meet deadlines for my finals. Yet, every ounce of effort I invested has been rewarded manifold.

With the invaluable skills I acquired at Laurus College, I seized an opportunity to work with a company founded by one of the institution’s successful graduates. To this day, I continue to thrive in this position. Moreover, I proudly crafted the captivating ‘Reading Tutors’ landing page for Laurus College and ventured into freelancing on Upwork, gaining recognition and traction.

But I refuse to rest on my laurels. My sights are set on loftier goals as I apply for more advanced roles in the web design/development field. With the guidance and support of mentors, I am refining my resume and enhancing my portfolio to shine brightly in the competitive job market.


Standing on a Mountain

Through this transformative experience, I have gained an invaluable lesson from Laurus College that resonates deeply within me: No matter the size of the mountain before us, unwavering dedication and hard work will empower us to surmount any obstacle. My journey has taught me that within each of us lies the strength to overcome challenges and the ability to carve out a path of success.

So, to anyone standing at the foot of their own mountain, unsure of their ability to ascend, I say this: Embrace the challenge, face it head-on, and believe in the power within you. With determination and persistence, you too can reach the summit of your dreams. As I continue to soar toward my aspirations, I am living proof that the journey may be tough, but the view from the top is nothing short of inspiring.

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