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My Name is Lawrence Butler and I am an IT networking adjunct instructor with Laurus College. I also work full time for the state of California. I am an IT Manager II, a Chief Risk Officer, and I manage an both the information security program and the business risk program.

This post is dedicated to those seeking an IT career, yet the strategies I present can be applied to any line of work – from a dental hygienist in Los Angeles to a billing clerk in San Francisco. Whether you’re looking for opportunities as a carpenter or accountant with the State of California, these tools and techniques will prove invaluable on your journey.

What is the California Civil Service Program?

Working in the California Civil Service is an amazing opportunity for those looking to make a real impact in their community. The system was specifically designed decades ago to promote fairness and impartiality when it comes to hiring for State jobs. It does this by grouping together positions with similar qualifications and responsibilities, then using exams to rank applicants based on their scores. This creates a list of eligible candidates who stand out as being the most qualified for each post – meaning you know you’re getting the best of the best! Plus, agencies are required to hire from this list – so no cutting corners here either!

The California Civil Service program offers an unmatched opportunity for those looking to make a real difference in their state and community. It provides employment, career growth, and security in the public sector, with competitive wages and generous benefits packages as rewards. With positions ranging from entry-level roles all the way up to executive leadership positions, there’s no shortage of opportunities to pursue. Plus, by working in the civil service you’ll be helping shape the vital services that Californians rely on every day.

Why Search and Apply for California Civil Service Jobs

Working for the California civil service offers a rewarding and diverse career filled with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop. With competitive salaries and generous benefits packages, a job in the civil service provides both financial stability and job satisfaction. On top of that, you’re making a real difference in people’s lives.

With this type of job, you will be formally enrolled into the public service system. If you become a California state employee, then congratulations – your position comes with job security that is backed by the California Supreme Court. This means they can’t just fire you without going through an established due process – similar to how a university professor might be granted tenure.

Additionally, you will receive a generous salary that is commensurate with the job requirements. Plus, you’ll have access to retirement plans and special savings programs that aren’t available to the general public. Furthermore, state civil servants can receive tuition reimbursements for continuing their own education.

The Process of Searching and Applying for State Jobs

Searching for a job with the State of California can be a confusing endeavor. The first step is to search all available job postings on the State’s website and find one that suits your skillset and interests. Once you have identified an opportunity, you’ll be required take an assessment so that your qualifications can be verified against the requirements for the job. Finally, fill out an application form and submit it with any relevant documents or certifications.

How to Search for California Civil Service Jobs

Visit the CalCareers website to view all state job openings. They have an easy-to-use filtering system that you can use to refine your search results and find exactly what you are looking for. However, because of the sheer number of job postings available and the often confusing civil service titles, it may be difficult to know where to begin without doing some research first.

Researching California Civil Service Jobs

You may want to start by looking at the California Civil Service Jobs pay scale. This document serves two purposes. First, it shows what different jobs pay. Secondly, this document also shows you the official job titles of California Civil Service Jobs so you can search for them on CalCareers.

Salary information for state jobs is public information and is available on the CalCareers website. By searching this list you can research which job titles meet your financial goals. You can even use ctrl + f to search for my job (Information Security Manager) to see how much I make!

You can’t simply pick a job off of the list and apply, however. You will have to take an assessment for that job. Then HR will look at your job application and make sure you meet the requirements for that classification. In addition, it is very hard to come in at a high level because the State generally promotes from inside. For example, I’ve been with the state for just about 13 years but I had to work upwards from a IT Specialist I starting at a much lower pay scale.

The goal is to gain employment with the state in any capacity you can. The process you have to go through includes putting in more than a few applications. Don’t expect to get hired unless you’re putting in 25 – 30 applications.

Finding the Right California Civil Service Job

On the pay scale list, try to find the title you want. People who aren’t technical usually start as an office assistant or associate government program analyst.

Above, you can see the information for an Administrative Assistant I. Each job has a class code associated with it. The job above has class code 5361. The class code is important because you have to take an assessment specifically for that class code. You can also use the class code to see the minimum skills, education, or other requirements for that job.

Below the job title you’ll see the different salary ranges. You might be hired in at range A or a different range based on your qualifications. You’ll also see Prob. Mo. which shows this position has a 6 month probation period. It also has a Work Week Group (WWG) of 2 which means it is not excluded from overtime and is paid hourly.

Once you’ve found the right job to apply for, we can start our search!

Searching CalCareers for Civil Service Jobs

Visit CalCareers and type in the job title you researched. You can try searching for something like information technology and it will show you all the jobs with that keyword.

We can also search by region or location. You can click on advanced search and search by an agency such as the Department of Insurance. This would search for all job openings for the California Department of Insurance. Searching by county, you can see all jobs available in that area. We can also search by job code using the class code from

Here is an example of an Administrative Associate I job. This tells you the name of the job, the department, the location, and when it was posted. It will also tell you how long its available. Some jobs will have a different working title which can differ from the official job title. Regardless of the working title, you’ll use the same salary as every other Administrative Assistant I.

Clicking on a job will tell you more information about it. You’ll find a job description, the minimum requirements, and more. In the Additional Documents section, you’ll be able to access the Duty Statement for this role. It outlines all of the objectives and primary duties associated with this job.

In the Duty Statement, go through the essential job functions and try to match them up with your experience. You can be creative! For example, the Account Clerk I job duties include: audits invoices and various claims from vendors and clients. This task is very similar to activities you’ll be trained to do in the Medical Billing Program! Be sure to always check the essential job functions even if the job has the same title as another job.

All About Civil Service Job Assessments

The second part of getting a state job is taking the assessment. This is a test you take that provides clarification to the State of California on your background. This is a self taken assessment that is reviewed and verified by human resources. You can find the assessment for your job title at CalCareers. This search engine works the same as the one for jobs. You can simply type find your job from the Classification drop down box.

If the job has an assessment, you will be able to find the Official Exam Bulletin. This document also outlines the minimum qualifications for the job. The position may require specific time in specific jobs or specified education requirements. Before you take the exam you must be sure you qualify for the position. If you don’t meet the minimum qualifications, the state will not be able to hire you even if you complete the assessment and an interview. Detailed information about the exam and a link to take the exam will be in the Official Exam Bulletin.

Eligibility List for Civil Service Jobs

Once you take the assessment you will be placed on the eligible list for that position. Visit CalCareers and choose your job title from the Classification drop-down to see the eligible list for that job. The eligible list shows the rank for each person who has taken the assessment and their score. You can view the list prior to taking your assessment to get an idea of what score you will need to achieve on the exam in order to be considered for an interview.

The table shows an example eligible list for Administrative Assistant I. It shows one person scored a 95, 3 people who scored a 90, and 38 people who scored an 85. This list will also show how many applicants have been awarded Veteran’s Preference which refers to an assistance program for military veterans.

Applying for Civil Service Jobs

Once you have completed the assessment and gotten a rank on the eligible list, it’s time to apply for the job. Applying is pretty simple, but the documents it requests may be a little confusing. Some will just be a State of California standard 678 application. Some jobs may also want a resume. Others may require a statement of qualifications.

What Do You Need to Apply?

Most of these jobs require three things:

  1. Job application
  2. Current resume
  3. Statement of qualifications

The Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) is a document you create that outlines how you fit the job. The job description will clearly specify any requirements and details needed for the Statement of Qualifications. The SOQ serves two critical functions: firstly, to determine if you can follow appropriate instructions and submit the required materials; and secondly, to ascertain your writing style. We use this statement of qualifications as a first step to narrow down the applicants. The hiring manager will select only the best statements before reading a candidates application and resume.

Final Thoughts

The State of California’s civil service job assessments are an important part of the hiring process. Taking these tests and meeting the minimum qualifications will help you get your foot in the door with a state job, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land one. Applying for jobs is also crucial to landing a position, as employers want to see how well applicants can follow instructions and what their writing style looks like. Putting together a strong statement of qualifications and submitting all required materials properly can make or break your chances at getting hired by the state government. With some hard work and determination, though, you could be on track to finding success with Civil Service Jobs in no time!

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